How To Stay Happy and Positive All The Time in 9 Easy Steps

How To Stay Happy and Positive All The Time in 9 Easy Steps

Everything we do is always connected to happiness in life. It’s a force that drive us as human beings. but How to stay happy when things go bad?  How to be happy when you are depressed? How to become that person who is happy no matter what happens? In this article I am going to speak about 9 easy steps to stay happy which you can start right now. If you want to learn what makes a person truly happy, This article is for you.


How to stay happy and positive all the time


1. Gratitude – Think and write down why you are grateful Everyday

Gratitude is the First step to happiness. Everyone have at least one thing in their life to be grateful. You can start being grateful without having a lot of things. When you wake up everyday, Make it a habit to think and write down why you are grateful today. It can be simple and easy as Having another day to live. Once you start writing these down, you will notice that you have many things to be happy than you think. Using this simple step will get you much closer to happiness in no time. If you want to learn more about gratitude, this “science of gratitude” article from HappierHuman is a great resource.


2. Working out – Exercise regularly to stay happy

We feel happiness because our brain releases chemicals or hormones called dopamine, endorphin & serotonin. Each and every time we feel happiness, it’s because of these chemicals. When we work out, our brain releases these chemicals frequently. That’s why you feel so good after exercising or simply taking a walk. You cannot be depressed or unhappy after exercising. Amazing isn’t it? University of Toronto did a Great study to learn whether exercising can prevent depression & got great results. Make it a habit of your daily routine to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday. doing this over and over will make it way easier to stay happy.


3. Mindfulness – Live in the present moment

Our mind wanders every second if we don’t try to control it. It makes it harder for us to concentrate on anything. Mindfulness is focusing on the present moment and accepting it as it is. This takes a lot of pressure and burden off of our mind. Thinking in the past or always thinking about future will do us no good. As we know, we can’t change the past and we don’t know what will happen in the future. All we can do is control our present. Practicing mindfulness will help you to be present in the moment. This will help you in every aspect of your life such as Work, Relationships and Experiences. This can increase the quality of your life & relationships because it’s all about moments. Being present all the time will always make you and others happy. This will also increase your productivity when working because mindfulness reduces distractions. ( Read more on how to stay productive here ).


4. Get enough sleep to stay happy

Sleep is vital to stay happy. Our mind and body needs rest to perform better. When you don’t have enough sleep, you get frustrated, angry and unhappy quickly. It’s hard to stay positive, happy or focused. Also researches say that when we don’t sleep enough, Negativity in our brains increases because hippocampus which is the part of the brain which processes our positive thoughts cannot function properly. Getting a good enough sleep will help you to stay happy and energized.


5. Focus on your strengths

This is also a simple step that will drastically improve the quality of your life. When you focus on your strengths and abilities, It will make you a more confident person. Confidence always leads to happiness. Thinking of your weaknesses will attract negativity into your life. It will attract bad habits like self doubt and worrying. How to stay happy when you attract those things to your life? you guessed right. you can’t be happy with those things. Instead, List out the things you are good at, what are your strengths, what you like to do in life and improve those abilities by focusing more and more on them. This will Help you stay happy and positive all the time.


6. Take your time to help others

Helping others will also make you happy. No matter how many things you have, what kind of life you live, helping others will bring more happiness to your life than what you do to make yourself happy. Seeing another person smile because of you is the greatest joy of life. That’s how our mind works. That’s why people like to share everything with others. Make it a habit to help someone in need. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. It just need to be helpful.


7. Chase experiences, Not possessions to stay happy

Life is all about moments and experiences. It’s the journey we need to enjoy because there’s no perfect stage of life where there’s only happiness. Life is full of up and downs in every stage of life. No matter how rich or poor you are, Life gives you both good and bad. No amount of things or possessions will make you happy. As a matter of fact, Materialistic things can only make you happy for a limited amount of time. So don’t we need those materialistic things & possessions? Of course we need them. But there’s something else which will make us always happy. That’s our experiences. If we have great experiences in life, Those great moments will make us happy any time we remember them. Even if we are old and sick, we can always cherish those moments. We should be collecting those memories rather than things. No one can take away those experiences from you. If you are a person who is rich with memories and experiences of great moments of life, you are far more happy than the richest person who has the most expensive things.


8. Find Great friends

Friendship is one of greatest relationships in the world. When things go sideways or bad things happen to you, You need people who’s there for you more than ever. A good friend is always by your side whether you are happy or unhappy, Rich or poor , healthy or sick. Having great friends will make you a happy and confident. Choose your friends wisely because a bad friend can be a bad influence on you.


9. Fall in love with someone who makes you happy

Being in love will make you happy and complete. Loving the right person who understand is one of the best things we can do to stay happy. A great partner will always be there by your side no matter what. Don’t search for the perfect person to fall in love. Find someone who makes you happy. You can complete those small imperfections of each other together. A Great partner will give you enough reasons stay happy even in the toughest times.


These simple steps will help you to keep yourself happy in almost every situation. Make those happy moments count. Implement these habits and steps to your life and comment below if you have more tips to stay happy. Share this article with your loved ones and friends.

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