13 Amazing Productivity Tips You Can Implement RIGHT NOW

13 Amazing Productivity Tips You Can Implement RIGHT NOW

We All live in a busy & complex world. There are distractions everywhere we go and whatever we do. How to get things done? How do we stay productive with these distractions? Learn these 13 amazing productivity tips to manage your time effectively. You can Start implementing these hacks right now. Get more things done today!


Increase productivity and get more things done today


1. Don’t Overload your todo list

Simplify your todo list today. Limit your todo list to 1-3-5 most important tasks for the day in the order of their impact to your work. It will help you to prioritize your most important tasks and remove unnecessary clutter. Using this method, you can start with your most important work in the best time of the day. No Matter how hard we try, We can do only so much things in a day before we lose focus and energy. Limiting your tasks to most important 3-5 will help you to get more things done before you run out of energy.


2. Start with the most important tasks for the day

As we learned in the first tip, We have to prioritize our most important and impactful works. Think of the most important task or tasks that will make other tasks easier or obsolete. Think of the one task that will make you feel great if you do it today. Even if you couldn’t do any other work for all day, Completing what task would make you feel the day was productive & worth it? Do it first thing in the morning. It will boost your confidence.


3. Don’t check emails in the morning

Distraction is the enemy of productivity. What will distract you from your most important work? Emails. Don’t start your day by reacting to outside world. Start your day by actually doing something for you. Read and reply emails in the afternoon or at night so it doesn’t take away the most important hours of the day. This will also be a great way to keep peace in mind because sometimes we get angry or frustrated with the emails we get.


4. Break bigger & complex tasks in to easier & small chunks

Bigger tasks can make you feel overwhelmed. What will happen if the most important task of the day is an impossible task? Instead of the bigger impossible task, Create small steps to accomplish within a bigger task. Complete each small step one by one and you will get the impossible task done in no time. always KISS ( Keep It Simple, Stupid ).


5. Get in to the habit of outsourcing

Time is the most valuable asset we have. It’s the only thing we cannot get back after it’s spent. That’s why productivity is very important when we spend time working. We all have 24 hours a day. So how do we increase the time we have? Yes! We can buy other people’s time. Learn to outsource all the tasks which you are not “best in the world” to do. There are people who can get it done for you in half of the time you spend, Better than you and it will cost way less money with the time you save. It will also increase the value of your time because you can spend it on something more important and worthwhile. Hiring a VA ( Virtual Assistant ) to manage your less important work is a great example for outsourcing.


6. Try to complete at least one Significant task before lunch

Before you taking a bigger break like lunch, It’s always better to complete at least one important and bigger task. that will help you to take a proper relaxed break from work and start fresh again with another work in the later half of the day. Also if you feel slow after lunch, at least one of Most important tasks is already done.


7. Don’t Multitask to increase productivity.

Not always “MORE” is more. Sometimes “LESS” is more. When you are working, It’s always better focusing one thing at a time. doing more than one thing at the same time will divide your attention to the work you do. Divided / unfocused attention will decrease productivity. When you multitask, you cannot do multiple things at once. You will feel that way but what it actually does is doing one thing at a time and move back and forth with the tasks within fractions of seconds. As you can guess this will take more brain power and attention and eventually you will burn out. Instead of trying to do multiple things at once, Start on a single task and give 100% of your attention to it so you can do it faster & better.


8. Track progress instead of time spent

Have you had days which you were busy and worked for hours but didn’t actually get anything done? Being busy & working all day doesn’t always mean you are productive. You have to check whether you are doing something to progress throughout the day instead of trying to work as much hours you can. First think of the task you are going to do. If you do it, can you count it as progress made for today or the work you do? If not how can you make progress? Asking these questions will help you keep track of the time you spent.


9. Use tight deadlines

Create tight deadlines for your tasks. Give each task less time than it takes for you to do that task. For example : if you take 2 hours for a single task on your list, Allocate 1 hour and 30 minutes for that task. Try to do the work faster than you can. If you can do it in 1hour and 30 minutes, Next time give it 1 hours. Also Parkinson’s law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. The more time we give to a certain task, It always take all the available time. but the actual time it need is way less than we allocate to that certain task. Giving a tight deadline will help us understand how much time it actually takes to complete.


10. Get enough breaks

Working all the time is not productive as well. Our brain can only perform at the peak level for a certain time period. after that you feel tired and exhausted. Even a machine or a computer needs a break from time to time. otherwise it freezes or heats up. Human brain is no different. To prevent this from happening, you can take small breaks after working for some time. Give your mind a rest, Start refreshed again & Increase productivity.


11. Limit distractions to increase productivity

When you work, the more focused you are, the more you get done. In Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine found that a typical office worker gets only 11 minutes between each interruption, while it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. So you should limit your distractions as you can to increase productivity. If your work doesn’t need internet connectivity, Don’t stay connected. Put your smart phone in “Do not disturb / Silent” mode while you are working. Don’t use social media in between work sessions. Chose a distract free environment to work or use noise cancelling headphones.


12. Make your work space clutter free

Most of the high performers keep their work space simple & clutter free as possible. Some of them arrange it to match the work they are doing and remove all the other things from their way. It helps them to focus their work even better. You can implement this technique to your work environment as well. when you are working on a project, keep all the other projects, files away from you. Just get the one you need to do at the moment and finish each work one by one. large stack of files and projects make you feel overwhelmed and it decreases productivity.


13. Start practicing a daily routine

Many successful people use a daily routine in their lives. They have number of things they do from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. it helps them to keep their lives on track. These daily routines are focused on a major goal. So in the long run they can achieve whatever the goals they set for themselves. This is a great practice you should start today. Make some good habits like waking up early, Working out for few minutes, Eating healthy foods, Drinking enough water, Meditating as your daily routine. Plan your ideal day & stick to that plan.


Which tip or hack are you implementing in your life to improve productivity? Comment below. Share this article with someone who needs to hear these tips. Follow us on social media for more amazing content.

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